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Oh hey there. I’m currently a Research Scientist at the Center for Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Illinois. I received my PhD in Social Psychology and MS in statistics from the University of Illinois. Prior to graduate school, I received my B.S. in Biology from Allegheny College, where I studied evolution and animal behavior.

My current research focuses on 1) creating digital tools to reduce misinformation (with the Misinformation Research Lab) and 2) how to build community-supported technology that prioritizes user ownership and data Sovereignty – that is, how to make technology users the owners of their own data. I also still investigate general social psychology topics such as how political ideology shapes perceptions of hierarchy and social class.

I also really like talking about social psychology in general. A lot. Sometimes, I even do it in bars when they leave the microphone up. Social psychology is especially cool because many of its theories can be used in everyday life to better understand the world, make better decisions, and increase well-being.

Did I mention I’m also really into statistics? In my free time I run a small statistical consulting co-op, DataFox Research, that uses methods and theory from the social-behavioral sciences to evaluate and improve how organizations work.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of stand up comedy around the Chicago area. See, I already made you laugh.

Before academic life, I worked in a grocery store, butcher shop, and metal factory. I grew up in Saegertown, Pennsylvania.